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James Buchanan Barnes ([personal profile] lefthandfree) wrote2017-05-13 03:58 pm
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[6i] bio

Name: James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Canon: MCU
Scrubs Color: Navy Blue
Visible Age: ~30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Physique: Well built, muscular, relatively stocky. Missing a left arm.
Complexion: Light skin, leaning toward the darker end of Caucasian white. Tan in that “I'm outside a lot” sort of way.
Hygiene: Fairly good, though often ends up in messes and probably needs more showers in a day than he cares to bother with.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Pale Blue
Defining Marks: Active scarring along the metal joint at his left shoulder. With serum affects removed, now a more consistent pattern.
Accent/Speech: Pre-50s New England blend, occasionally clipped. When comfortable, noticeable pre-50s Brooklyn undertones with lilt/drawl.
Bearing/Demeanor: Tends toward observantly quiet but is overtly chatty when in familiar company, especially with friends. Often dry but polite nonetheless. Places others above himself in conversation. Good natured and amiable. Appears to be an open book but is clearly extremely selective with information.
Gait: Light on his feet with a nimble step. Ranges from visibly relaxed to resolute, more often being the latter. Usually intentionally audible pace around those he trusts but typically much quieter than is normal.
Habits: Being a horrible troll friend.
Skills: combat specialist, master marksman/assassin/tactician, born leader, diplomatic, polyglottal (Russian, Romanian, + core European languages), quick witted, efficient and practical, natural survivalist, motivates well, handles stress well, Likes Nature A Lot, lies well, comes with party poppers.